Sealed With a Kiss

Several years ago we remodeled our kids’ bathroom because it was bound to leak into the new kitchen directly below it.  In fact, the water damage to the ceiling was one of many reasons we needed to redo the kitchen in the first place.  Aside from poor construction, one of the reasons it leaked was our boy’s propensity to overfill the bath tub – a blue fiberglass monstrosity that never kept the water hot enough and wasn’t very deep.  These attributes were great for bathing babies but less than ideal for a boy who loves nothing more than to be fully immersed.  But back then we weren’t ready to part with the blue beast – for money and safety reasons – and remodeled the rest of the bathroom using copious amounts of caulk to keep it water tight.

Now it’s time to replace the tub, and our boy has opinions about that.  Will it be deeper?  Yes.  Will it be blue?  Thankfully, no.  Will it fit all of the boats from the Big Harbor?  Probably.  Will I be delighted?  We hope so.

So last weekend, we prepared him for the adjustments made necessary by construction – everyone sharing the one shower while the blue tub gets replaced.  We noted that it would take weeks to get it all done, but at the end of the first day he came home from school and asked if his new tub is ready yet.  We said no but took him upstairs that he would see where they had begun to remove it.  He gently placed his hand on the side where the tub joined the wall, and said, “I am going to give it a kiss goodbye.” 

And with a gentle smooch, he left and closed the door behind him.

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