Hug Me Elmo.

This is from a couple of years ago and it is a sweet photo but at this moment it is an example of all I want to overcome.  Now, suddenly, as adulthood looms for real, the endearing photo of a birthday hug from Elmo only tells me that we need to do more to make the adult world accessible and palatable – no, joyful – to our boy.  Adulthood is daunting to all of us, so how do we differentiate childlike from childish, nurturing from insulation, love from coddling, wisdom from denial, bravery from cruelty?  The lines between all of these things shift on me, all day, every day.

One thought on “Hug Me Elmo.

  1. I can so relate to everything you are expressing in this post. It is so hard to know just where the lines in the sand are regarding all of these things and you are right they are always shifting. Great post. Thank you.

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