Tromping Back to Camp

We love the Hallmark characters Hoops & Yoyo, and have for many years. They provided our first family doubled-over-in-front-of-the-computer moment, and our youngest memorized all of the dialogue from their tale of The Runaway Marshmallow (watch them all – you won’t be sorry). But even as we continue to buy Hoops & Yoyo greeting cards it has been a while since our marshmallow moments. Now our older boy is going to camp – sleep away camp – for a long time. We never really thought we would find a camp that would meet his needs and still be camp. It has been a long process to get to this point and I still can’t write about it quite yet except to say that the dialogue from The Runaway Marshmallow is all that stands between me and tears when I think about separating from my boy. We know that it is the right thing; we know that he will love it; we know it will be hard for all of us to not be together as a family for a large part of the summer. And so we make light of it by making all references to camp as “tromping back to camp!” I hope I will be able to write about it in a good way, and if not, well then I’ll be be back in September. The tromping begins next week; wish us luck.

4 thoughts on “Tromping Back to Camp

  1. I wish you the best of luck. Separating from your children like that is a very, very hard thing to do and brings up lots of mixed emotions, so you don’t have to write about it in a good way. Your honest way is better.

  2. Hi there, Mike Adair here, one of the creators of Hoops and Yoyo. I stumbled upon your post and was just so touched by what you wrote. I’m glad our silly stuff could be a good part of what you’re going through. Prayers for a great experience and the first of many “trompings” back to camp! I shared this with creator Bob, too. Let us know if we can offer a special message for his homecoming.

  3. Thank you, Mike Adair, for being you.

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