Saturday Moment: I Detect a Theme

The chase is on

The chase is on!

I don’t know why it is that we get so tired of some things while others endure. The excitement of chases has been there since the first game of tag in the toddler days. It is a cumulative process; we watch, do and draw the same things over and over year after year, just adding details and getting better. A few years back there was an Open Season for Rabbits and Ducks sign nailed to a tree in our back yard. I love that he added the latin name for Wile E. Coyote – he really empathizes with him even as he delights in the Road Runner’s narrow escapes. “That poor coyote, he keeps getting killed, and that road runner is just far too fast.” There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Moment: I Detect a Theme

  1. Funny, we just went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and it’s all Warner Brothers and Coyote Roadrunner, there are a couple of roller-coasters…I just posted a picture of my kids on the Canyon Blaster with Roadrunner and Coyote. 🙂

    My kids love Scooby Doo, that was one of my favorite shows growing up in the 70’s and 80’s…3pm, T.V. on and then 3:30 Video Hits One with Richard Blade. 🙂

    First time visiting. I’m clicking for your future posts! Feel free to visit my end of the blog-o-sphere.

    Lake Forest, CA

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